Linco Care Ltd

A British manufacturer specialising in sun care, hair removal and personal care products.  Established since 1979 with its head office and production facilities located in Manchester, England.
Linco Care offers high quality innovative products in accordance with European and International industrial standards. Linco Care also provides a complete bespoke one-stop solution for private label and contract manufacturing.

We are specialists in the

  • State of the art formulations.
  • Wide range of innovative products.
  • New products developed to client specifications.
  • Packaging development.
  • Small and large production runs.
  • N.P.D (New Product Development).
  • Prototype definition.
  • Confidential co-operation with clients.
  • Multilingual declaration if required.

Get Winter Skincare Ready

Get winter skincare ready! With the colder months just around the corner, it’s time to get your winter skincare regime ready.  Winter can be brutal on the skin with it being exposed to harsh cold weather conditions and heavily heated environments. The combination of these extreme temperature differences can cause undesirable side effects to the…


Can You Really Burn When It’s Cloudy?

Of course you can. Clouds don’t prevent all UVA / UVB radiation from reaching the earth’s surface. They are not a shield to UV rays. They may reduce or at times intensify radiation depending on circumstances, but all-in-all; they are and never will be a shield to UV radiation. Most people think they know about…


Reasons to Go Organic This September

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat….” This couldn’t be more true or fitting, with the on going rise of the organic food trend and its move into beauty. Food and lifestyle choices can take their toll on our appearance and vitality, leaving the skin looking fatigued and dull. Therefore, how we…


launch of new private label product

Our Private label has once again helped develop and launch a new brand called Ario Whale, specialist in personal care products.

For further information on our latest private label visit the website here:

Accredited Under

We operate a stringent quality control regime covering the purchase of high quality components, raw materials and the manufacture and storage of finished goods. Microbiological analysis by an independent laboratory forms a constant part of the quality control procedures.